Monday, March 23, 2015

New Track: 'So Good At Being In Trouble' by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

I stumbled upon Unknown Mortal Orchestra a few days ago while doing a little research in preparation for a new review, and one might say that it was love at first listen. While listening to a handful of their older songs it was pretty easy to see that the band has undergone quite a but of rethinking in the genre department, and have toned down their style just a bit. The one song that they have released recently is called 'So good at being in trouble' and is preview to their new album "II" set to release on February 4th. The song is the quintessence of old school indie R&B, forget Frank Ocean, this is what good R&B should sound like. The simple downplayed instrumentals burn slowly in the background giving the song a touch of structure but inevitably allowing the smooth and soulful vocals to take over and create an addicting sound that you'll find yourself playing over and over again. And after reading that long, run on sentence you'll certainly need a smooth relaxing song, so go ahead and take a listen to "So good at being in trouble' and look out for their new album coming out on the 4th!

Featured Band: Vintage Trouble

Welcome back to the 60's. That's Vintage Trouble in five words. Now a fair warning, before you start listening to these guys, be prepared to be rocked by some deep, soulful, and smooth tunes. The bands debut album was released back in 2010 "The Bombshell Sessions" with the help of their legendary manager Doc McGhee who has represented artists such as KISS and James Brown. With the bands introduction on tour alongside Brian May and Bon Jovi you better believe that this band has some pretty insane connections. They have recently have been featured on a ton of late night shows including Letterman and have been a pretty hot topic ever since. Vintage Trouble seems to have the perfect mix of mellow low key blues style R&B and jumpy energetic jazz style rock and roll. I never thought I'd use this next word to describe... Well... Anything in this day and age, but this band is groovy as hell! They have a simple style that originated in simpler times, but the amount of swagger that their songs carry can only be felt by listening to their them. The lead singer Ty Taylor has that classic vibrato singing voice that, when paired with the fat blues riffs of Nalle Colt, the addictive drum beats of Richard Danielson, and the deep rich notes of bassist Rick Barrio Dill, form a finger snapping, swing dancing, hand clapping, "Can I get a YEAHHHH!" yelling, body sweating, infectious tune that'll have you on your knees begging for more. Once you've eaten the sweet fruit that is the verses of Vintage Trouble you'll never stop, and even then you'll still have room for desert. If you're thinking "wow, this band couldn't get any better", wait till you see them live! Ty has to be one of best showmen I've ever seen, he's like the energizer bunny with the moves of a more groovy Micheal Jackson. There's not a second on stage where Ty's not moving about or getting the crowd up and going, there's never a dull moment. This man knows how to put on a show, and god damn does he know how to sing! Don't miss your chance to get on the soul train, cause the next stop holds high hopes for Vintage Trouble. check their site out at and while your at check out their songs on Soundcloud at . The video below is of Vintage trouble performing 'Blues Hand Me Down' on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fresh Ribs

As a teenager, I can speak for the bulk of us when I say that we feel like we haven't done shit with our lives. Days are spent trapped in the monotony of high school life. The only thing that we accomplish is sleep deprivation and eating habits that will back fire when our metabolisms slow down. We don't have much to look forward to other than getting the hell out of high school. This isn't the case for Archy Marshall. No one has made me ask more introspective questions about the purpose of my life than this seventeen-year-old British

Local Natives - Hummingbird

The first time we had reviewed the Local Natives was in November of 2011 and was among one of first bands we had reviewed since the inception of Small City Sounds (AKA I've Got 99 Problems But A Beat Ain't One). We thought that it would only be appropriate to use the news of the bands second album "Hummingbird" to end the incredibly long hiatus we had taken due to many issues, the main one being laziness. For this however, we do apologize and would like to announce that we are back and better than ever! In brighter news, while we were away Small City Sounds surpassed TEN THOUSAND unique visitors! Due to this accomplishment we will soon be expanding our blog and taking on quite a few ventures that I'm sure many of you will be interested in checking out. But, enough about us, back to the Local Natives and their highly anticipated new album! It has been announced that the Local Natives will be releasing their second album "Hummingbird" On January 28 (Europe)/January 29 (U.S.).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- The VS. [EP]

In anticipation of the new Macklemore album that's slated for release next year, I thought I'd review "The VS." which was released a little over a year ago.

This collaboration, features Macklemore on mic and Ryan Lewis behind the scenes as Producer and Mixer. 
In this EP, we see issues ranging from drug abuse to race relations being artfully illustrated and occasionally satired in the few, but deep, tracks. While this lyrical content can be compared to that of Eminem's, the delivery paints a image that is far more humble and more emotionally diverse than any other artist.